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Tailgate Won't Pop-Up & A/C Kit Anyone?

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Tailgate lift issue: For some reason, when I use the tailgate release or use the key in rear, the tailgate doesnt pop-up as it should - I have to either simultaneously turn the key and lift the spoiler (if im unlocking/opening from the rear), or jam something under the tailgate release inside the car, get out, go to the back, and lift via the spoiler.

You can imagine, this is quite annoying and frustrating. I'm not sure what mechanism makes the tailgate "popup", the closest i can figure is somehow the "Lock Assembly" (part # 90502) both unlatches the "Stiker" (part # 90570) and somehow forces it up? Are the pneumatic struts supposed to somehow provide this initial "popup"? Apparently, its a great mystery that i havent solved. If anyone knows the answer to this riddle, let me know.

A/C Kit: If anyone knows how/where I can obtain a complete A/C kit (used or new), please, let me know. My 240SX came A/C-less, but it sure would be nice to have in the warmer climes ive moved to.
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Solved: Tailgate Issue

Played with the retention "locking mechanism" - turns out it was mounted on the frame a half-inch or so too high - this was the result of some body/paint work done a few years back - once I mounted this at the bottom of its adjustable mounting range (on the frame), everything worked right - the hatch pops open with either the key or the release lever - longtime mystery solved.
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