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Tail/Reverse lights

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I have just noticed that the tail and reverse lights in the middle (the ones on the trunk) have stopped working on my 98 200 sx. I looked at the wiring and plugs in the trunk as well as the tail fuse under the hood and they seem to be fine. Anyone know what could be the problem? Would the reverse lights connector on the transmission have anything to do with this because I had a clutch job done recently....but the tail lights don't work either.
Here have a pic where I circled them
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do the tails light up when u turn on ur lights?
The power for the backup lamps comes from a different source from the tail lamps. The only thing they have in common is the cable and connector. Try disconnecting and re-connecting the plug. It should be a flat connector with 16 pins on the driver side of the trunk.

Get a Volt meter and make sure you got voltage to the plugs. Maybe the bulbs are burnt out. I have seen that sometimes you cannot tell until you either check the bulb for continuity or you check the socket for voltage.
I got the reverse lights going, it was indeed the connection at the clutch that wasn't plugged in. However, not only do those tail lights right above the reverse lights not work, I couldn't even find a lightbulb or a socket for it! Can someone confirm that those aren't actually lights, just deflectors??
I too have a 98 200sx and yes, those lights are simply reflectors. All brake and turn lights are handled by the outside lights and the insides are red simply to continue the shape.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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