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tail lights

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I can't seem to find a vinyl kit to make my tail lights smoked out do they even make them for a 94 sentra?

Or can someone hook me up with some vinyl so i can do it custom?:)
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how much and can u see the lights clearly through vinyl?
well i kind of want to keep my originals just in case i need to sell the car or run into problems with the po po so if you still want to sell them what would be the price? And if not then i guess i will try to find some vinyl thanks thou!
well the price would have to be right, the only other lights i have are out of my 91 so i would have to change my whole tail light wiring
what do you mean the price would have to be right? Do you mean make an offer?

And since you would have to change your wiring do you not want to sell them then?
thanks i will do that then.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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