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Hey guys! Long time no see! :)

Well here's the deal: A few months ago, my distributor shorted out and died. So it was replaced with a new one. Ever since, I've seen that my tachometer will make random jumps, either when idle or revving, it'll just make this sort of hiccup and rise about 200-300rpm in the scale. It IS notable in the engine, just barely, but if you place your hand on the stick, you can feel these little "ticks" when the tach jumps. Only starts happening when the car is already warm, if it's cold, or it's a really cold day out, the tach will remain steady and smooth.

Never really presented a problem, until a few days ago: My car will start stalling at around 1.5k-2k RPM, the tach shows that, but it feels like if it were under 500rpm. I just changed the spark plug cables recently, could there be a misconnection perhaps? I've reseated them but it doesn't seem to have helped. This stalling will only happen after the car has been running for over 30-45 minutes.

EDIT: DUH!! I forgot to add: B12 Sentra with E16S Carburated engine :)

Any ideas what's going on?
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