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This write-up is for the Nissan Sentra XE. 2door or 4door.

I did quite a bit of searching, only write-up I could fine consisted of the cluster swap, not really an individual aftermarket tach install. There were some "help me!" posts, but here's the answer. :)

Suggested tools:
Electrical Tape
Phillips Screw Driver
Drill (Sorry, don't know what size bits you need off hand)
Wire splicer (I used a pocket knife)

Before you get started with mounting the tach onto the car, you need you remove the passenger side's kick panel. This is located on the floor board, by your feet, on the side of the center console. It's held in by a metal screw, and a plastic screw. Once removed, you have some working room to access the ECU.

Ensure you have your car turned off, and the negative battery wire removed. Safety first, just in case. ;)

The ECU, has quite a bit of wires coming out of the front with a plastic shield protecting the plug-in. It's a silver box, hard to miss.

Remove the plastic shield. You'll notice a bundle of wires wrapped by a protective sheath, made of cheap plastic. Simply expose the wires a little, and dig around looking for a Blue/White stripe wire. Once located, strip the wire. I didn't bother cutting the wire at the ecu, I just "hijacked" it. This wire is the tach signal (you didn't even have to go for the ignition coil!), that was intended for the SE-R, but was left in by Nissan for the XE.

Next, we'll get the power source, dim, and ground.

Remove the center console's cover, the same one that surrounds the cd player, up front center. I believe there's 6 screws to this, doesn't take long. Once unscrewed, you have to remove the shifter boot on the bottom, and pop it out. Careful, the Defroster, and Hazard lights are plugged into this! Just located the plug in the back, and remove, easy to do.

Now, for the power/ground/dimmer, we need to use the rear defroster. Don't worry! The rear defroster will still work after this!

The plug that went into the rear defroster button, consists of 3 wires we'll be "hijacking", the yellow wire (power), black wire (ground), and the red/blue stripe wire (dimmer). Strip each wire for the install.

Now, mount the tach where you'd like, and run the wires (I put the tach's wires behing the center console to hide, and it looked nice. :)), to the sources. The green wire (common, tach signal wire), goes to the ecu blue/white stripe wire. Wrap the wire into the one you striped, and wrap in electrical tape. The red wire (common, power wire), goes to the yellow wire from the defroster. Wrap the wire to the yellow wire, and cover. Black of course, goes to the grounding wire, which is thankfully... black! The White (dimmer wire), goes to the red/blue stripe wire. After everything is covered in electrical tape... reconnect negative battery wire, and turn the key!

I think I have everything included!
is this the same for a base model Sentra?
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