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Hi there

Please help me with the Nissan X-trail T30 drivers floor question.
There is a strange detail on the drivers floor installed on a my friend's T30.

It looks like strong metal detail (about 3mm thick). However the problem that it is not painted at all. So it has a lot of rust.
It is located under the driver's floor mat and fastened using bolts and nuts.

Here is the article that describes the detail painting process (it is in Russian but has a lot of photos) I'd like to show two photos here. First photo is before painting and second one - after the detail has been painted.

I'd like to know about that detail - why it is not painted and what is it purpose ?

So far so good but this detail can be unattached from the floor and painted.
However I've seen a lot of owners reports about this detail and everyone said it is not painted from factory and is made from the thick metal.

There is a version that this is a drivers floor amplifier that is installed to reduce drivers legs injury in case of the front car collision. But why it is not painted? A lot of cars have that detail and it is not painted at all.

Is it possible that it was not painted by purpose? Like some chemistry process that will concentrate all rust on that thick detail and keep rust from the rest of the car body ? There are raining and snowing in Ukraine so driver's shoes can bring a lot of water inside the car.
Is it safe to paint that detail?

Thank you
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