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If you guys are looking for a Dyno within the tri-state area, look no more, T&R would be the place to be.

T&R has purchased a new dynojet dynometer.

He also purchased the optional wide band 02 (the one that fits in the back so you don't have to remove your 02 sensor) so you can graph your air fuel ratio along with RPMS.

*A few hours after the Dyno was put together a B13, GTI-R power with a standalone (haltech) made a whopping 311+HP @ 10PSI :)

Tony(shop owner) will install any haltech and tune any SR20DE/T 2.0 or 2.2 :) Motors. Tony had enough time to fine turn one of the company’s B13.

Tony will try his best to make this customer feel comfortable and know that the rates are fair and hours are flexible to your schedule. If you are willing to dyno, he is willing to stay open.

Get your cars ready for a dyno day! All other rotary shops are welcome and encouraged to visit, you can tune privately and save your own sheets if you choose.

Please visit the website for directions

If you would like to set up a dyno session, email [email protected] or call Tony at the shop at 718.725-0179.
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