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Im looking to upgrade the system on my 2002 Spec V. i hear a distinct rattle in my rockford sub, prolly only becuase im a real music nut and listen for this stuff, but i was just wondering what some of your suggestions were for a new sytem, and what the installation is like.. thanks


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Ummm, rattle from sub is caused by Burnt Voice Coil(s)
hope its under warranty. As for subs; I have been through:
2 Virtual Tech 10"s
2 Kicker Comp vr 10"s
2 MTX Thunder 6000 12"s
4 Memphis HPO 12"s
and to tell you the truth none of them lasted too long...
Warranty is for yr. and i havent seen past 7 months yet...
ummm, go with Kicker Solo-baric, if you have the money. I have never heard them, but if your dealing with high wattage, they are favorable... As for me, my subs are making a rattly noise too, and im gonna take them in, and get them switched out... good luck
for low-wattage, i would go with MTX thunder 6000, they are CLEAR...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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