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I just bought a used 2000 Pathfinder SE 2WD. I LOVE it, but while driving between 30-60mph, it pulls left and right. The steering wheel doesn't shake or anything, but it will steer a little left automatically, so I'll adjust the steering wheel, and then a few seconds later it will steer to the right and I'll adjust the steering wheel to compensate again, and it will just keep doing this. So every few seconds I'm moving the steering wheel an inch or two left, then an inch or two right. Once I get above 60mph though, it seems like it goes away.

I've read numerous posts about "swaying". Does that sound like what this is? Alot of the swaying posts indicate it feels like it's "coming from the rear", but I'm not sure that's what it feels like. It just feels like the car suddenly pulls left and then will suddenly pull right.

The tires are balanced... but I haven't taken it in for an alignment. I did call the Nissan dealer and try to describe it to him, but he said he doesn't know of any "common" problems that would cause that, and that I'd need to take it in.
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