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Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it!
Why can't i run the Japanese ECU?
Do i change the fuel pump?
Do i need to use the Japanese harness?
Also what clutch do i use, the DE or the GTI-R?
Here goes.

1. You could run the J-spec ECU ONLY if you use the entire wiring harness for that motor. The GtiR ECU will not directly plug in to the B14 wiring harness. About the same as trying to plug a B13 ECU into a B14 car. Plugs are different and it won't fit.

2. You will definitely want to change the fuel pump just for insurance. If you plan on raising the boost, it's an absolute must. Not enough fuel = lean running motor under boost = blown up motor.

3. You don't have to use the j-spec harness if you send your ECU to JWT for a reprogram. Will be as much of a plug and play situation as it can get. Doing it this way, you could save on buying just the motor without all the other stuff you wouldn't use anyway. Or if you've got it like that, you could go with a standalone set-up. Cost some $$$, but you can get great results if tuned properly.

4. I'd advise using a stronger DE clutch with a lightened flywheel. There's something about using a clutch that you have no history about to put in a turbo car that doesn't sit well with me. Pulling the tranny just to swap out a clutch isn't that fun at all, so just do it once, put in the good stuff, and be done with it. With the right bolt ons and good tuning, a GtiR equipped B14 can be a monster. Definitely worth doing.
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