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Yo everybody. I have a coupla questions for ya'll. I recently acquired an 89 Sentra, and then took it to my mechanic for a coupla reasons. The main reason at hand is emissions, as the car does not pass (slightly too much CO, it barely failed, legal limit is 15.00 the car read @ 15.93) After inspecting the car, he said it is probably an o2 sensor, or the catalytic converter. Anybody else have a smog test with similar results?
My second question is about suspension. Said mechanic informed me that the previous owners appeared to like to four-wheel the car, and most of the parts (struts, springs, axles) in the front end are pretty worn out (For instance, LF wheel has visibly excessive positive camber).
I have a parts car with a good front end, so I am looking at (so far) doing the work with a friends help to avoid heinous repair fees. I imagine I would need an axle puller for the halfshaft, but will I need a spring compressor for the coil springs? Is this a job that is out of the question for a backyard mechanic?
Thanks all!

EDIT: Also, is the haynes manual for the B12 worth a damn? Or should I just make the extra effort to get the FSM?
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