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I bought a high(er) mileage x-trail a few months ago and haven't had any problems until recently. I'm getting some groans and grinding noises coming from my clutch and rear suspension(maybe). Sometimes the noises happen at the same time, but just as often the noises are independent of each other.

The clutch seems to groan in 1st/2nd/3rd gear under a heavier load (ie. a hill, 4 passengers or a quick release of the clutch) usually for the first 10 shifts after I take the truck out. Afterward the noises stop except for the occasional groan in 1st gear (sometimes 2nd). It seems like the clutch has to 'warm-up' a bit before the noises go away. This doesn't happen every time I drive the truck, and it seems to correspond with colder weather which might be why I didn't notice when I bought the truck and why it seems to happen less frequently now that things have warmed up outside. Anyone experience this before? Any thoughts what it might be?

The other noise is bit more frequent and seems to be increasing. I get a groan from the rear (sounds like its on the driver's side) when accelerating to about 40/50 km/hr or when I run over over a speed bump or curb/driveway/pothole at slower speeds. The thing is that I only hear the noise when I've got some weight in the back of the truck like when I have 2 passengers in the rear seats or heavy gear in the trunk. I've seen from a search of the forum, that this type of noise has been traced to the suspension, worn-out brakes or a wheel bearing. I've got about 98k on the odo. Does this sound familiar to those who have had those issues? Any suggestions to help me narrow down the source?

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