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Hello people, i'm new in this forum and I expect to find some of my questions about my Engine SR18...of course if it is possible.
Actually the modifications that i've done to my car is the hi flow air filter and a new 2inches exhaust system and a new clutch with 460lbs of pressure in the plate.
My question is if anyone can help me giving me tips, general modifications, optimals mods, etc to improve the performance of my engine...
And btw dunno if any one can tellme about the specifications of the SR18 engine because all I know about it is that is a small version of the SR 20.... how many Hps it has?

here is my car

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Power: 140hp @ 6400rpm
Torque: 123ft-lbs @ 4800rpm
1838cc DOHC 16V inline alloy 4 Cylinder w/sodium filled exhaust valves

Gear Ratios:
1st: 3.285/4.72
2nd: 1.850/8.38
3rd: 1.272/12.19
4th: 0.954/16.25
5th: .0740/20.96
Final Drive: 4.125:1
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