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Sudden Overheating

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1997 200SX SE 1.6L - man tranny - over the last 2 days (live in Orlando FL so has been very warm/sticky), engine overheats at any sort of stop, particularly w/ac running. I've had this car since new (551K on her now) and she has always had issues with inefficient, underpowered AC which I understand is not unusual for these cars, but this behavior is different.

If stop at a light or stuck in traffic, AC will suddenly start blowing hot air and sounds like compressor fan turns off. Immediately after this, engine temperature rises rapidly even if turn AC off until can get a good run 40+ mph to run air through the engine. Then if at highway speeds, ac will run fine and engine temp will stay down. As soon as stop again for any reason, same behavior occurs again.

Had issues with overheating last Oct and found to be small holes in two of the hoses - as hoses were very old, replaced all 4 upper and lower hoses. Radiator was checked for blockage/leakage - none found at that time and was thoroughly flushed. Thermostat doesn't appear to be issue either and following this work, hadn't had any issues with overheating and AC has run like a dream until now.

Any suggestions as to where to start looking? Coolant level appears to be fine and color is good so don't suspect a leak at this point.

Any help would be appreciated......
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Just an FYI in case anyone was interested....problem was the radiator fans (2 - one is for cooling, the other condensor). The noise that sounded like fan cutting off was actually ac condensor shutting down when relay triggered that engine was hot.

Fans had actually frozen in place (not surprised - they're the originals so have 551K on them). Replaced the fans, which btw ran about 159 for the one and 229 for the other (although my shop cut me a break on them), and runs and cools like a dream.
I just wonder how you can drive 551k miles on your that's such a record for a sentra!
LOL - for bout 4 years lived north of Richmond, VA and worked in DC - ~60-70 miles each way 5 days a week. Plus travelled on weekends a lot.

One note though - she is on her 2nd engine - replaced at ~440,000 as valves and a few other things were going. Alternator been replaced 2x (seems to last about 250K) and had to replace starter about 2 months ago. All other major parts (radiator, ac, etc.) are original though.

Tranny was reworked at 157K (not clutch, just tranny), but was my own fault. Initially had developed bad habit of pulling her out of gear without using the clutch; needless to say left pieces of gears all over the place inside. Haven't had to have it touched again though and clutch is still original.

Personally, the 97 200SX SE couldn't have been a better pick - she's been a FANTASTIC car and has outdistanced my fiance's 89 Toyota 4x4 with 477K on
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