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OK. The resonator is officially a $45 option. There is currently a 2.0 B14 midpipe in developement, soon to be released. There is also an option for Spec V's to add a resonator and a relocated O2 sensor bung for those who plan to install a header. Price has yet to be set on this, but count on +$45 for the resonator and a little bit more for the bung. B13s come with resonator (they need them) and are available in single and dual tip. I personally like the single better, it is a bit cheaper, and I have it on my own car.

1997 GA16DE said:
here's what we have:

>Full cat-back:
----B13 2.0L-------2.25”---------~$491
----B14 1.6L-------2.00”---------~$441
----B14 2.0L-------2.25”---------~$441
----B15 1.8L-------2.25”---------~$491
----B15 2.0L-------2.25”---------~$491
----B15 2.5L-------2.25”---------~$508
>Mid-pipe only-----varries-------~$170
>Muffler only--------------------~$250-300
>Resonator option----------------~$30-40

I might include other Nissans too now that we have a new board for all Nissans. I just need to find out what Stromung is currently making. Mike Young, can you help me out on this one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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