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yeah just installed my stroumg exhaust... :cheers:

anyways the muffler already looks somewhat rusted, my dad suggested to paint it, cuz the oxygen or something was rusting it, and this would help keep it looking nice.

i figured i would just clean or wax of the part that looks brownish. the pipe on the muffler is brownish.

what would you guys suggest to keep it looking tricked out

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BlankgazeX said:
metal polish...
its theres rust on it do a light sanding with some really high grit paper (2000 or 4000+), maybe even buff it out to get the shine back, then do a metal polish, or sand it down so its not smooth, and get some hightemp paint, and paint the whole setup pipes, muffler all of it, use a rust stopping primer to so it won't rust :thumbup:
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