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Here is what I am recommending;

Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you...
Which O2 sensor was said to be bad?, because there is a front and a rear heated O2 sensor. Did the mechanic give the codes that he pulled from the ECM.
The intake air temp sensor doesn't have any effect on the running of the vehicle. It is located next to the battery in the intake stream. The harness should be checked so that is plugged in correctly and the power is being applied to the sensor. The harness will have a 5v source on the pin 2 (with lock up pin 2 is on the right) and the ground on pin 1 should be check with an ohmmeter. I would say have the codes pulled for free at Auto Zone or places like that the get the actual codes if he didn't clear them.
You can replace those parts but we need to make sure of what is bad first.


This was your message to me;

hello i have 1997 altima gle and i took it toa mechanic to get aread out of what was wrong with it,
he told me that my o2 sensor was bad, the intake air temperature sensor,my powersteering pump was going bad started shaking and that my check engine bulb and battery bulb had stopped working or burnt out.

Now how hard is it to change the 02 sensor by my self it is (the one in the front) and the air intake sensor. Also how can i or what do i have to do to get those lights working any help would be greatly appreciated as i am a newb and trying to save money.
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