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My T30 2.5 petrol Auto only has two gears ... Let me explain: when starting off in 'D', it engages 1st gear, revs to 3 - 4K, then changes into 3rd gear. The overdrive switch works - inasmuch as it allows the revs to drop on the overrun - however, as soon as power is applied, it drops back out into 3rd. Slowing down is fine, as it stays in 3rd until we're almost at a standstill. This is workable for everyday driving, as it pulls well at low revs, even up gradients. But, if I engage kickdown (e.g. when overtaking), it drops into a neutral, the revs go right up and you're stranded with no power. Where I foresee even bigger problems is when towing something heavy, as I occasionally do; I'll be going very slowly up hills and revving the nuts off it.

Any ideas where the problem may lie? Is it electrical or mechanical? Many thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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