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I was in a wreck about a month ago that left my bumper, radiator support, and hood smashed in a bit. I'm replacing the hood, but when I do, the radiator support (and hood latch) will not meet up with the new hood. I think I'm going to use a come-along and a tree or streetlight to pull it out, but have never done something like this before and would like some advice.

1. What size come-along do I need I can get a 1200lbs one for around $13 and a 4000lbs for around $20 (both at harbor-freight) Which should I use? The 4000lbs one looks better built, but would it be too easy to over-pull it with that kind of leverage. Which one would be best?

2. So far I think I think my best option for attaching the come-along to suport would be with a tow sling with a loop at either end.
Like This One for the truck end and one for the tree. Does this seem like a good idea, any other options out there that won't cut into the metal?

3. Does anyone have any other advice on how to go about this. Any tips or anything NOT to do. Any help would be great.

This is what the front end looks like now, The radiator support is pushed in and the tops bar of it is bent down.


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i have done this job several times..

remove grille ,head lights and marker lights.

i just use a chain and a pipe wrench with an extension for the handle.

and a big hammer..

once the breakables are removed i put the chain on the part i want to pull out and anchor it to a tree and then i drive backwards to pull the pushed in part out..

then fine tune with hammer..

the pipe wrench is for flat parts that may be twisted..

i close the jawls to the metal and put the extension on and the pry or twist as needed..

the super structure does not have to be perfect..

sometimes you might have to remove one or both fenders to get at the part that is bent..

good luck
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