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Stock Wheel Weight

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I'm investigating buying some new wheels and tires. I'd like to get the lightest I can afford.

I'd really like to know how much the stock wheels weight to get an idea of how much weight I'll be shedding.

Thanks in advance,
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Wow, I thought I was experiencing maaaajor deja vu while reading this thread, then I realized that I was!
Talk about reviving an old, dead thread....
one more thing to consider, wheels are light alone,but with the tires, they add more weight..........just consider.....
well, the thinner the tire, the lighter it should be. (probably exceptions)

so a lighter 15" wheel Vs. a steel 13 + the thinner/ lighter tire= a lot lighter total wheel weight. .........and 50 more hp lol.
it's not so much the hp gain, but the chirp, then second, then chirp, and why not a white smoke to go with it it's like "waaaaaa, thud, chirp, waaaaaaa, thud, chirp....." ya'll know how it goes........
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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