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Stock Wheel Weight

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I'm investigating buying some new wheels and tires. I'd like to get the lightest I can afford.

I'd really like to know how much the stock wheels weight to get an idea of how much weight I'll be shedding.

Thanks in advance,
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I'm not sure what my budget will be for tires and wheels. I'd like to stick w/ the 15" $100 wheels and get a tire that's a little wider than what is on it now. The current tires might be close to replacement time and I want to know what my options are when the time comes to replace them. I figure I've got several months before I need to choose so I'm not in a big hurry.

I live in seattle where the roads are usual wet. I've noticed that the stock tires (or least what came with this used car) don't like to stick. 175R14 65's are on the car now.

My main reason for trying to find out the weight of the stock wheels is to help me justify getting new wheels. I'm more concerned w/ shedding weight than looks. On the other hand, a set of four $300 wheels isn't worth it to me to shed weight.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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