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Stock Wheel Weight

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I'm investigating buying some new wheels and tires. I'd like to get the lightest I can afford.

I'd really like to know how much the stock wheels weight to get an idea of how much weight I'll be shedding.

Thanks in advance,
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The stock 15" alloy from the early b14 SE-R is 17/18 lbs.
I don't know what the stock sentra steel wheel weighs. Anyone?

What kind of budget do you have? I don't want to recommend $300 wheels when you are looking for $100 wheels.:)
I'd say the new selection of 195/50 205/50 performance tires would justify the wheel purchase.:)
Most are as good in the rain as an all season would be.

You might be able to get a set of SE-R wheels fairly cheap, $200 used. But they are only 6" wide wheels. Matched with a set of Khumo 712s and you're good to go for less than $500.

The weight savings isn't going to be huge for the $100+ wheels, but you will be able to get a "7 wide wheel. Most of the performance tires are wider than their all season counterparts and can squirm on narrower wheels.

The Kosei K1s are good, but you could probably find some other 15x7 sub 15lb wheels for less money if you shop around.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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