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Stock vs Angel Eyes

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i thinkin about getting a set of Angel Eye Projectors.. but the question is are they brighter than stock with hyperwhites?
and also do you need to do a completely new headlight bulb set up?
i heard from previous forums that they using like H3 bulbs now or something im not to sure.. please fill me in with all the nitty griddy details.
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In a word.....NO. They are NOT as bright as the Xenon whites I had with my stock lenses. Haven't put new bulbs in as of yet. I will be doing it soon though.
As for the setup.....go to NPM and check out the issue with the Projector's the same! Only difference is the two wires for the angel eyes which go to the parking lights.
with the projectors did you hafta put new bulbs in them?
Well, foolish boy here didn't put new bulbs in yet. They come with bulbs, but they are just as dim as stock.
Niss200SXGTR said:
im too lazy to take the housing out
Sound just like me. I've been to lazy to take the housing out to put the Xenon's in.:D
I would just get the regular projectors. Only reason why I bought them was I couldn't find any regular ones at the time.

ALTHOUGH, it does add a little flair to the look of them at night. AND the holes for the lights are bigger than on the regular projectors. Look at Wes' projectors and then mine. My light holes are bigger.

Here's wes' and mine. His is the bottom picture

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Oh....they DO something...just not that much. It's NO WHERE NEAR what you see with the BMW's and Mercedes. It's more like a little LED light ring. There's NO BULB to change with the HALO.

The lights are the EXACT SAME projectors but with the holes cut a little bit bigger to allow a round LED to be put it for the "appearance" of a halo.:rolleyes:
Honestly? Don't know. I don't drive that much at night. Gotta problem driving at night with my eyes. Next time I see someone with a set of projectors around here near night time I'll check. :D
It's up. Go to the how to section of
Gonna add pictures....EVENTUALLY.....just don't have any good quality ones. And YUP, those ARE Matt's. Worked like a charm.
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