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Stock vs Angel Eyes

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i thinkin about getting a set of Angel Eye Projectors.. but the question is are they brighter than stock with hyperwhites?
and also do you need to do a completely new headlight bulb set up?
i heard from previous forums that they using like H3 bulbs now or something im not to sure.. please fill me in with all the nitty griddy details.
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Yes, i put i hew Hyper White H3's and 1's, and they are DEFINATLY brighter than the stock headlamps you foolish boy!!. They have to be aimed correctly first off.. then they will kick butt.. They are quite difficult to isntall though i must say..
yeh.. foolish one, i put my H3's in.. and my H1's are still out.. im too lazy to take the housing out.. etc etc... lol.. yes its sad.. so sad
on mine, the inner part of the high beams glow a faint hyper white, then the ring is bright hyper white. even when you put teh low's on.. and they are hyper white 100W bulbs.. you can still notice the halo's
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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