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Stock vs Angel Eyes

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i thinkin about getting a set of Angel Eye Projectors.. but the question is are they brighter than stock with hyperwhites?
and also do you need to do a completely new headlight bulb set up?
i heard from previous forums that they using like H3 bulbs now or something im not to sure.. please fill me in with all the nitty griddy details.
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with the projectors did you hafta put new bulbs in them?
i still want them .. i just gonna ask the " experienced" installers like the people that already installed them 2 put them in for me.. hehe..

but i was thinkin about getting full HID systems for the Proj. wouldnt those kick ass?
lol @ MP...

hey does the halos on the halo projectors do n-e-thing? if not then i wont get HID for the halo part and just use regualar hyper white / blue bulbs for them. or is the Halos the high beam?
so im guessin the halos dont do n-e-thing or are the halos low beam? someone answer my question.
OOOh.... so the halo is just for styling but everything else is the same.... cool ! how does the halo look @ night compared 2 the reg proj
i like the angel eyes... i jes cant afford them right now. if i do get angel eyes im gonna try 2 put the best M-TEC bulbs for them.
i have a used set of nis-knack projector for sale.. im askin for 150 shipped.
1 - 8 of 31 Posts
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