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Stock vs Angel Eyes

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i thinkin about getting a set of Angel Eye Projectors.. but the question is are they brighter than stock with hyperwhites?
and also do you need to do a completely new headlight bulb set up?
i heard from previous forums that they using like H3 bulbs now or something im not to sure.. please fill me in with all the nitty griddy details.
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SO would U guyz that have them already recommend them or not??? Ive heard about the difficult install and how the gunmetal ones arent really too much darker than the reg. chrome ones--


Im not felling to confident about buying them right now....
yeah BUT those HID lights are pretty expensive---I guess Im not too worried about the install. Im sure me and sum friends could get it together.....BUT I also wanted to open them and spray them.

SO when I think about having to open them plus having a hard time installing--- it doesnt seem worth it.....BUT wuteva Ill probably still get em' :rolleyes:
TImbo when will the 'how to" be ready.. Id like to read how U got this done...
Timbo said:
It's up. Go to the how to section of
Wait a MINUTE--TIMBO these are Matt's insructions from the Sr20 boards... I had read these from B4 --I thought U were going to have a diff. version or sumting ;) U just followed these steps and got them done HUH--yeah it doesnt seem to hard...
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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