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This is pretty funny. I was coming home from work last night, tired as hell, and I'm waiting at a stoplight for the light to change, and all of a sudden the car next to me honks, and I hear yelling out the window. I noticed that it was my friend's dad with my friend, his gf, and his brother, driving a late model 800-series volvo sedan. His dad turned to me and said "Race?" I nodded. I have an automatic mind you -- (to clarify: I chose to manually shift my auto :D) I shifted the car into first, and when the light turned green, I got a jump off the line, then shifted to second, I began walking away from the volvo, by the time I had hit third, I was at 70 MPH and the Volvo was way in my rearview mirror. I was pretty stoked, my GA16 is bone stock, and I actually beat the Volvo. I think it had something to do with the weight, because volvos are heavier, plus the added weight of four passengers, but a kill is a kill...:D
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