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Stiffer springs and struts

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OK, i have a 91 Sentra E Automatic, and i am looking for a little bit stiffer springs, not lowering springs though, i want my car stock height, and i was wondering about struts also, would GR2s be alright with stock height? I don't race (street or track) just want a good handling vehicle that can be run on rougher roads and such like i do now. Would SE-R springs be a little stiffer?

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I did some more searching and found people recommending to go with SE-R struts and swaybars, but stock springs, but do you guys think that a stock front swaybar, SE-R rear sway bar, poly bushings, KYB GR2 SE-R struts and maybe SE-R springs would handle pretty good on the street?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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