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I got this problem with my car. When I get out and touch the door, I get this huge static shock that just makes me not willing to drive again. This wasn't happening before, but it appeared about a month ago.

Another, maybe unrelated thing, the "far headlights" indicator sometimes pops up, without me using the "far headlights". The far headlights are actually off, but the blue indicator stays on. Then it goes off. All this during driving (seconds after starting driving and turning the headlights on actually).

Also, the Check Engine light pops up occasionally. It stays for several minutes, then goes out. It can come back again the next day, and go out. The code says VGR Valve sensor, distributor sensor (camshaft position sensor?) (along with a knock sensor, but that one doesn't pop the Check Engine light). The numbers are: 11, 32, 34 (Altima '94).

Anyways, maybe someone has a solution for that static problem.
Also, is there a way to test the sensor that's inside the distributor? Two of the leads show 600 Ohms resistance, but the other two don't show anything at all (from 200 Ohm to 20 MEGOhm scale).

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