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When i started may car in the past couple of days it does some weird stuff. I list them in order to how they always seem to happen.

1)turn it over for about 10 seconds will not strat not even pop off a little.
2)Go back and try again then it will start and sputter and then die
3)Turn the key a third time and it will start this time i might catch the throttle and get it to rev up to 3 or more grand and then it will just die or other wise it will sputter and die before anything.
4) I will keep doing this for 3-6 times and then it will finnaly stay running. It has no problems after this.

Even after I turn if off for 2 hours it will start up just fine after this ritual but anymore time than that it will do it's famous ritual.

I am totaly lost I have replaced:
PCV valve -that was shot-
fuel filter
plugs are fine
rotor and cap -they were looking old-

What could be wrong?

absolutely classic
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Sounds like a fuel issue. If you can, pull the injectors and check the o-rings to make sure they are good condition. When you pulled the plugs, were they wet with gas? Do you have a fuel pressure guage? If so, check the pressure from the regulator and compare it with specs. Are the plugs gapped to .044? Is it really cold where you are? There's alot of factors here, hopefully you can narrow it down a bit. Good luck!
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