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My car w/ GA16DE engine hasn't been started in 6 months, sad to say, due to insufficient funds to replace the timing chain guides. The reason for not running the engine; the more I do, the worse it becomes as more damaged is caused.

I have plans this week to either do a quick oil change w/o swapping the filter and then take it to a garage so they can fix it or, if circumstances permit (although still the parents car for us kids but now technically mine; So they have some say in the matter of what I'm allowed to do with it) remove the oil base pan, clean it out, refill oil and then let the mech. worry about the rest.

So...I'm wondering how should I approach this problem of starting the car for the first time in 6 months? Should a simple oil change provide enough protection with out damaging the pistons, cylinders or blowing a seal or ring since the engine will be running near dry at first?
I thought about turning it over manually from the crank pulley although I'm not sure how difficult that would be if at all possible with the engine in the car.

A few ppl have told me to forget about dumping money into a lemon and lease something new which I can't afford at the moment. Many other's love the idea of B13 Sentra here in Newfoundland as a tuner car would be awesome since they are less abundant and none are modded. I know the car and engine is well built and are reliable and I love the cars history, following and uniqueness. Even here in a marine climate and being so close to the ocean people can't believe how good of shape my '95 Sentra is in still running on factory paint. Basically, I'm hanging on to her for a long while, perhaps as summer car.

Any suggestions as what to do to prevent damage would be appreciative!

Thanks in advance,
- Greg
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