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Starting Friday Batman-Dark Knight opening day Jonah is a big Batman fan, so I decided to take my boys to see the movie opening night, I called Carmike Cinemas automated schedule of movie times and it says the movie is 2 hours and 55 minutess long I was like woah this will be long as Titanic was, I was gonna see the 7:30 show because it would be about 10:30 when we got out of the theater and I had plans to go to a Db Drag show the next day, so we leave and get to the theater at 6:30 and get tickets I tell the attendant I want tickets for the 7:30 and he says we are sold out and he says they have a 7:15 showing so I buy 3 tickets(1 adult, 2 kids=$20.75) for the 7:15 show, we kill some time and get back to the theater at 7:00 perfect time before the movie starts, so I get my boys the "kids" snack special(a small drink,about 2 cups of popcorn and some fruit snacks=$10.50), so we are siting in the theater number 3 one of the small one's, along with about 20 other people,and we sit there, and sit there, and sit there, 7:15, 7:20, 7:30 in darkness and the movie still has not started I'm thinking wow this movie is almost 30 minutes late, so now it's 7:45 and the manager comes in and says "ladies and gentleman I'm sorry to tell you this but we cannot show you this movie, it is only 30% complete downloading to a hard drive and it won't be done downloading till about 9:30 so we will refund you your money on your concessions, and your tickets and offer you free passes to stay until the next 10:00 showing", I was like man I'm bout to ride out so I got a refund on everything and came back home, my boys were like man this sucks, yesterday me and my partner in crime Ben Gailey(Team Kicker) aka "Mr. Perfect" in Bass Race drove to Bunnell, Florida(260 miles, and 4 Hours) to South East SPL's shop to a Db Drag/Bass Race show, Ben placed 1st in the 129.9 class we had a good time I took many pics and I have vids on my profile and youtube, it was a very long ride, but we needed a break form the norm and get back to our car audio roots, Holla!


YouTube - Tony Economou 2 Fi 15's,Memphis Amps

YouTube - Southeast SPL Suburban Demo

YouTube - Southeast SPL Bass Race 129.9

South East SPL
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