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Hey Guys,
I bought a 98 Nissan 200SX 1.6L with a 5 spd manual tranny 2 weeks ago. So forgive me for any newbie things I say.
It starts perfectly fine when cold. The IAC valve seems to be working, cause it'll idle a bit high when cold.
The problem occurs when the engine is hot. Say I've driven around for an hour. I turn it off to get something in the store. If I try to start it a few minutes later, it will crank over and start but immediately die. It's not the battery (just replaced it), and it cranks just fine. It'll run at idle for less than a second and then die. It'll only run if I pump the throttle and rev at least 4K RPM, and then it settles down to idle.
Another quirky thing - this does not happen when you turn off the ignition and immediately restart it. Only with a delay of a few minutes.
No check engine light and runs fine once it holds idle. I just replaced the spark wires/plugs, disty cap/rotor, air filter, oil change, fuel injector cleaner. With my OBD-II scanner, I checked the timing and idle RPM, short term/long term fuel trim, coolant temp, etc. All readings are good. Still have to put the fuel filter in but I doubt it's that.
I'm thinking it has to do with IAC (although I believe it functions primarily with cold starts) or some sensor. If you have any input, or have more info about the IAC, please share.

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Osung, you bought a shitty car. Face it man, you should have stuck to the Probe. :0)
I bet it is the IAT, check the voltage to see if it is operating correctly, and then make the adjustments. You know how! If not ask Jorge.
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