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Heater core is correct!

I haven't had the pleasure of changing one in a Stanza but I've replaced 10 - 15 of them. Hopefully you don't have A/C. Sometimes the core can only be gotten to by removing the A/C lines. You don't want to do that because then to have A/C again you have to take it to a shop. They will want to replace the dryer and then recharge the system and that can get spendy. Or you can just not have A/C.

Or maybe you won't need to deal with the A/C hoses at all. I guess what I'd recommend is go to your largest library in town and see if they have All-Data! It's a computer program that some libraries have that will give you step by step directions on how to do a job. Not just in general but exactly how to do it on that vehicle!

Or just dive in! I hope your not a large sized guy because laying in the floor of your car upside down really suck! Even when your small!
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