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The OFFICIAL Techna-fit ( Stainless Steel Brake Line Group buy!!!
Back by popular demand...Was up on thevboard and B15Sentra)

This is for everyone that missed the first and second one, since they both went INSANELY fast.
This one will last untill we have 20 buyers.

What you get: Four Technifit SS brake lines for your B15, bolts and washers included.

When it ends: 20 buyers....

Are they coated?: YES!!! They are available in clear, red, blue and smoke. (see pic)

How many buyers do we need to get this price?: 20

Will this work with an ABS option B15? YES IT WILL!!!! This is confirmed now!!!!!!!

How do I pay? Payment will be paypal ONLY. We did this with the first one, and it worked out nice. Once we get 20 buyers, I will post payment directions. You will have ONE week to pay.

Is the clutch line included in this GB? NO. Last time I got numerous PM's and AIM's requesting a price without a clutch line....more people DID NOT want it than did. The clutch line will be $15 extra if you want it, which is still a tremendous deal.

Ok Ok ....I want them.....HOW MUCH????

Still the incredibly LOW price of $99 shipped!

This is arguably the single best bang for your buck brake mod out there. Your brakes will be much more responsive, and your pedal will feel much stiffer. For those of you that have motor mounts, if you can remember the changes those brought forth thats what these do for your brakes. You feel much more connected with them as well....

This is a generic set, they will look just like this.

Here are some pix that another member took...he just got his in from the last GB.

The line on the left is the clutch line....

DO NOT post if you are not going to buy these. I had a serious problem with people backing out last time. This could last 2 PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

I know I am new here, however I have been around on the other B15 forums for a while. I have hosted two successful group buys totaling 60+ members for these specific lines. I am sure there are people here that can vouch for me (Spec-v_Freak, James)

Who wants a set????

Hit me up on AIM or post if you are interested in lines for something other than the B15 Sentra. Just about any set will count for this GB.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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