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:mad: Ok i've looked and looked and looked. Can someone please help me, I'm tryin to decide what clutch to get, ive checked mikes garage, it wasnt that much help. Have anybody out there actually tested the clutches for the Ga16. I'm thinkin about the ACT clutch form stillen, its a pretty good price. Probably the cheapest ive seen so far. Help me Help me. Peace out Lordxavier

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In your subject you state stage one or two. In your post you dont ask anything with the stages. I say go with a JWT clutches or ACT.

I heard one guy saying to go for a stage two ACT clutch but I forgot the reason why.

Okay, I will be getting a Stage One ACT clutch. but at the present time i will only be running bolt ons and possibly a 50 shot of NOS. This clutch should do me fine. Do not pay more money for the stage two unless you plan on having one hell of a GA16DE powered car. If you will just be doing bolt-ons without nitrous or turbo, go with an OEM nissan clutch.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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