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Here is what I'm working with. 1995 Nissan 240sx Se with Blacktop s13 sr20det. (Valve cover was painted with car).

Ok the car was running OK 3 days ago, it idled at 2,000 rpms and liked to cut out getting into boost. Right now it has the SOHC MAF sensor, and I was going to try and install the Z32 MAF to see if it would run better. Well I couldn't find a wiring diagram for shit that had the same color wires as mine. So I accidentally hooked it up wrong. And the car would not even start, so I installed the old one to see if the car would start again. NOPE! First thing I noticed was the fuel pump(Walbro 255) was not kicking on when the key was turned on. So I started checking fuses, ALL of the fuses in the car have power to them except the EGI fuse, I replaced it and now it has power and is not popping when the car is cranked over. Then i started checking my relays and switching my blue ones around to check for a bad one, they are all good too my knowledge. Next I tested for spark (NONE). Then I tested my ignitor chip and it had power going in, none coming out. So I bout a 300zx ignitor chip from a local auto store and wired it in. STILL no spark, and fuel pump doesn't kick on.

Now here is where it gets wierd. If I connect my test light to a ground and plug it into the Fuel pump relay wire coming out of the ecu, OR the ECCS Switch -Ground when ignition on. The fuel pump will kick on when the key is turned.

Then I tried hooking up the fuel pump manually and firing the car up and it still would not start with the new ignitor chip. My Coil packs are good... and the last thing I took note of, when the key is forward there is no power or signal going to my maf sensor (I didn't test it when I was cranking the engine over.)

Ok guys I need your help PLEASE post and give me some suggestions.
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