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Hi im new to this site so hello everyone.
I want to buy a 91 to 93 sentra ser and put in a sr20det fwd.
Has anyone done this before. Is it possible to do.
does the ser make it easier for the sr20det to drop in like plug and play with a little work.

Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

Thanx in advance

Oh yea my goal is to make it produce 500 fwhp with 550cc injecters a lexus afm 3.5 inch custom stainless steel exaust, and a
k27 turbo and all the other goodies I still have to research.

:D :D :D

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if youre shooting for 500hp you better get larger injectors than that....remember its easier to have to large injectors and to clip them a little than to have injectors that are too small. better get a big ass turbo also.....check out the green turbo on for serious power. go aftermarket fuel/engine management for superior tuning capabilities also. dont be cheap go all out!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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