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sadly to say, i do not own a nissan and probably don't belong in any of these forums. however, i do own a 1987 toyota corolla and have heard that an SR20DET would fit, as would a CA18DET. i would like to know as much as i can about both, and seeing how this is a nissan forum i figured maybe there'd be a few people out there with some answers. the 4A-GE in my car does not produce enough power at all, even though the car is light. both the ca18det and sr20det would produce enough power, that i know, but it is the small details that i don't know. also, if anybody DOES know how an installation of either engine in a 1987 corolla sport gts would go, i'd appriciate any information. i'd especially like to know if it's even possible.
thanx (and i'd rather have a nissan than a toyota, but my options were very limited)
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