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SR20DE valve cover gasket leaks

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Hi, is this "valve cover gasket leak" a chronic problem with the SR20DE engine, or what? Two years ago, the Infiniti dealership discovered the problem on our 96 G20, and then again one year ago (either they didn't fix it or I'm just unlucky). I just had AAA do an inspection on my 95 SE-R yesterday and they discovered the same thing.
Has anyone else experienced this, is it fatal, and how much would it cost to repair? For an acclaimed engine that's been around since 1991, such serious problems are disappointing.
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what he said

add to that get a manual that tells you the bolt tightening pattern of the valve cover and pay attention to the fact that the bolts are tightened in inch lbs NOT FT LBS.

Go to pep boys and buy a new one if need be

to give you an idea of if this is chronic i replaced my cam and reused the same gasket and never added sealant (jut let it stay on) and i have never had a leak.

someone may be putting it on wrong, just leaking oil is the main issue but not fatal

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