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Ok, how importain is it that I get a clip with the sr20det or will the US sr20de clip work? (I have a few friends that are telling me different things)

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You can do it either way.

Things that you need:
-SE-R engine harness (makes swap easier... not necessary)
-SE-R motor mounts.. all mounts, brackets and subframe.
-SE-R ECU(JWT program) or Bluebird ECU
-SR20DE axles and 1/2 shaft. only 2 bolts will be used
-SR20DE alternator, pwr steering pump and all lines
-Oil pan has to be modified to clear subframe. There are two spots on either side of the access panel to the flywheel. these need to be ground down. don't worry... they are solid all the way through.
-Front mount intercooler, unless you get the top mount and all plumbing.

Everything else should be the same as the se-r.

PM me for more information

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