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OK...i just finished my SR20 and it was running perfect...except a bad clutch..i mean really bad. the clutch wouldnt even grab...and if I applied throttle too quick while in any gear above first it would just rev up as if in neutral...the clutch was taht bad. well anyway...the other day i started it up and it sounded like crap...the PS belt came loose...fixed that but it idles really rough when it was perfect the day before. It all started when my Positive cable to the battery came off the knob on the battery. I reconnected taht and then it started like crap. When I drive it it stutters when i try to give any throttle...and then it ends up stalling...could this be electrical? I already checked for boost leak in the intercooler piping and there was none. Anyone know what could be wrong? Or could it be the clutch? Anything will do...I just ordered a new clutch...Exedy stage 2 clutch...and I want my car to run normal bucks anytime i try to give throttle...its a Redtop SR20

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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