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Sr20kidD, your right, that was a dumb qusetion;) the sr20 is one of the highest output, and most reliable engines that there is out there, weather its a NA or a turboed version. the stock crank shaft is built to handle up too 500hp.. (thats a lot) why do you think that its been used for so long. and in so many cars. i think that the main prob that your gunna have is smogging it in cali, there passin more and more laws about this, it also depends on what part of cali your in. there are like 3-4 different class smog areas. before you go and get the swap done the first thing that you need to do is find a place that will somg it. if you cant find one, you can still get the swap done, BUT keep the stock engine and parts and everytime you have to get smogged switch back to the KA, which would be a major pain in the ass, but is doable if you car savy enough. good luck on you silvia!
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