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OK, so the MAF is bad in my G20 and it's running like crap. I found some part numbers to some MAFs, but I can't confirm if the G20 uses the same MAF as similar Nissans. I'm looking at this part:

The part number is 22680-AD201

eBay Motors: Nissan Maxima Sentra Infiniti G20 I30 Mass Air Flow MAF (item 330255206243 end time Jul-31-08 21:35:52 PDT)

The dealership wants to charge me $537 for the maf and $200+ more for labor and ECU reset. I heard that maybe the high price is just because it's the housing unit included? Can I just replace the electrical element? I also heard I don't have to reset the ECU?

Does anyone know that part number that I need?


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