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:( i HAVE JUST BOUGHT A 95 G20 WITH AN SR20 ENGINE it is verry sluggish when i accelerate kind of like the timing is not correct. Does any one know where i can buy a service manual for it so that I can get the timing specs as well as have it for future needs?The big problem is a squeeling noise comming from the valve cover it seems like starting from the front of the motor alternator side 3rd plug back. It will only make the noise at an idle but not while above 1,000 rpm, and it sounds like a fan belt squeeling but it seems to be from underneath the cover. the car has 95 k on it. has anyone seen this issue.

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Good thing you found that. Could have caused damage to the cams from oil starvation.

From what I have been told, the oilers are bigger off of a newer SR20. Some guys who swap perf. cams in there would upgrade to the larger oilers as well just to be safe.

I swapped a stock '91 intake cam in my '96 but the oilers seemed fine so I left them as is.
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