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hi, i've been searching for weeks and really cant find anything so i'm going to try to post my issue.

For a while now i've been feeling a vibration at 65mph it get less noticable above 65mph but still there.

Also, after a few miles on the highway, when i come off the highway and driving 25-30mph i have a fairly loud squeak. What I did notice is that when my wheel is turned slightly left the squeak goes away. When i turn it back to straight or slightly right it comes back?.. I was thinking this was a bearing.

Also, I just starting hearing a "clunk" every once in a while somewhere in the front end. I know I need Sway bar end links and i'm getting those this week, but what else could this be?..

What I already replaced on the car:
1. CV joints
2. outer tie rods
3. Wheel Ballance and Alignment done twice (cause i thought the shaking was due to this)

On order, my front sway bar links. I should also mention that I recently put on a set of 18" wheels, and thats when it got really noticable. It was there before but with the stock wheels i guess they took most of the shake and had less road feel.

Anyone please... I'm putting way too much in my altima and just want it to stop vibrating!..

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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