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Fast91SER said:
That's cool, I didn't know Romania had some racing clubs. Last time I was there, I didn't see much. I do remember one Tuner shop in Bucharest that had a nice Nissan Primera parked outside. I think it was a dark green color. :thumbup:
If u will come in Romania or anyone that see my post, send me an email, PM, and u will see more things then u expect, maybe u will have the chance to see a race (they are 1-2 races per month in summer , handling or drag), most of the tuned cars are BMW, VW, Opel ,Dacia.

u can see all the clubs here:
they are listed at "Cluburi" section
we even have a Girl racing club
and here u can see some pictures with some cars from here (the photo gallery is quite big) and also with cars from auto shows (like SEMA, ESSEN), and of course pictures made at races.

only now i realized u have also an user on that forum
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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