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You're not going to really find anything here to help you with your sponsorships for 2 reasons. Most people here are individuals, you need companies to sponsor you. Also, Most people on here are in the U.S. and most companies would rather sponsor locals. They're not jus going to send you money over seas and say good luck. In most sponsorship agreements, the company will basically have all control over your car, including design, stickers, parts, etc. They will also need your car for prototyping and installation of parts.

If you're truely interested in a real sponsor, I would look into come local racing companies and garages over where you live. I'll tell you right now, tho, most companies are interested in 'new' ideas. The S13 isn't exactly a new car, almost everything that could be made for it has been made. Like I said, tho, in a sponsorship, you basically don't own your car anymore, you just drive it. You can forget driving it on the streets as well, if it's not at a show or on a track, it's going to be in their garage. Of course, that's if you're looking for a full sponsorship. You'd have to ook into the details, but I have heard that in most cases, you don't want a sponsorship.
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