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Hi, I have a 86 non-turbo 2+2. It has a few problems that have almost drove me to just sell this car to the junkyard. When I crank the car it up it idles around 600 but it idles really horrible. It sounds as if it is going to die but it will stay on. When I pulled off the connection to the MAF the car idles at 1100 r.p.m.'s but the idle clears up.

When I press the accelerator (either in neutral or drive) the r.p.m.'s will stay at 700 and the car will only spit and barely move, also it is impossible to climb hills sometimes (like 1 m.p.h.). The car will backfire and when it does it will try to move forward; sometimes it backfires and will continue accelerating. I checked my E.C.U. and received codes 23, and 24. In response to these problems I have bought and installed : new TPS, new plugs/wires/distributor, new fuel filter, and changed the oil but with little success. I also checked the fuel pressure regulator by taking off the top vacuum hose and rev the engine up. No gas shot out so I assume it is good?

P.S. I think the automatic transmission went out today because when I get into my car and put into reverse/drive the rpms have to climb up to 3000-4000 to move anywhere. I forgot the mention I can get the r.p.m.'s to go higher if I pump the accelerator for a minute or so. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this long post. Any ideas or comments will be GREATLY appreciated because I am ready to trash this car if I can not fix it.
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