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Hey!!! I am having problems with my speedometer....IT DONT WORK!!! I have checked the cable coming from the tranny to the firewall and it seems solid. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated...and by the way I was told to try unhooking it from the tranny and trying to pull it out of the sheath to see if its broken and it doesn't budge. Thanks!!
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take out the speed sensor from the transmission, hell make sure its still in there. i had one fall out of my transmission when i had a KA.
iv got a 89 240sx and the speed o jumps up and down ,ive already replaced the vss. explane that one.
lol have the same problem with my 91 240sx... the speedodmeter ocassionaly works and jumps around alot. Not too worried bout it as i can tell how fast im goin with the tac.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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